Hurricane Fiona Emergency Relief

5 years after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is now facing yet another obstacle, Hurricane Fiona. The extreme devastation has once again cut the electricity and plunged the island into darkness.

Serve the community, empower the individual

Forget this 30 second video, we have a 30 year vision instead!

Serving the community, empowering individuals

About Happy Givers

We're building a longer table, not a taller fence!

That’s the heart, the culture, and the actual work of the Happy Givers. Every donation to the happy givers becomes healthy meals, safer homes, brand new jobs, and seeds for the harvest. Be the happy giver!

These are our
foundational beliefs

Simple & Actionable

Giving should be fun, not complex! We make it super easy to be a part of the solution.

Training & Building

We don’t believe in cheap handouts. Instead, we focus on development and empowerment.

Transparent Communication

Our thriving social media platforms, and our transparent communication has created momentum that is inspiring our audience to give more and get involved.

Make change real with us

Join us in Puerto Rico! Come visit our beautiful island and work with us in one of our reconstruction brigades. You can spend a week rebuilding homes for single mothers and the elderly; while eating delicious food, empowering the locals, and sharing joy with our Happy teams. You’ll love it.

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We help practically, where it’s needed the most

Every dollar sent will become healthy meals, job training & creation, actual seeds for the harvest, and materials for home rebuilding.