Rebuilding Homes

Re-building homes, re-establishing dignity

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, it became clear to us that a long-term solution was needed. Many people were left alone, still in dire need of help. With this project, we focus on those, many of them elderly, that did not receive help from the government (or other organizations) or were simply unable to do it alone. Our goal is, and always will be, to help in practical ways. We’ve been busy replacing kitchens (so that they can cook again), providing new beds (no more sleeping on the floor), building new roofs (so that they stay dry & safe), reconnecting electricity (so they have light and other basic services), and much much more. The consistent string of natural disasters in Puerto Rico have left many in need and we’re doing our best to help and restore dignity. Consider donating and restoring hope to those who have lost so much!

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