Based in Puerto Rico, reaching out to the world

Building longer tables.

That’s the heart, the culture, and the actual work of the Happy Givers NPO, and with more than 20,000 meals served, we’re ready for more! The need is massive, but the resilience and the hope, outshines it all.

That’s where you come in, all we need now is your generosity.

Every donation to The Happy Givers becomes healthy meals, safer homes, brand new jobs, and seeds for the harvest.

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Our Solutions

Here's how we're different

Simple & Actionable

Giving should be fun, not complex! We make it super easy to be a part of the solution.

Training & Building

We don’t believe in cheap handouts. Instead, we focus on development and empowerment.

Transparent Communication

Our thriving social media platforms, and our transparent communication has created momentum that is inspiring our audience to give more and get involved.

The Happy Givers Store

Purchases That Have A Purpose

We’re reimagining what it means to be an NPO, and part of that means discovering new ways to generate funding. Enter the Happy Givers Store! We only sell shirts we wear, accessories we use, and items we actually believe in! We're proud to say that 100% of our profits go to our non-profit.

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Thanks to our thriving online community, we’ve sold over 10,000 of our "Love They Neighbor" t-shirt. This helps us create more healthy meals, more safer homes, more jobs, and more seeds for the harvest.

We have also moved a good part of our printing and production to our campus in Puerto Rico in order to further help the community around us. Our vision for The Happy Givers NPO never stops growing!

Our Team

The heartbeat of our NPO is our team

Carlos A. Rodriguez

Founder, CEO

Carlos is a passionate speaker who leads the Happy Non-Profit and The Happy Givers. He is the author of Simply Sonship, Drop The Stones, and the upcoming Flip The Tables. His main passions are leading The Happy NPO and spending time with his wife, Catherine and their 3 adorable children.

Oh yeah, he also wants everyone to know that he’s a Puerto Rican (living in Puerto Rico) and he can’t wait to host you there!

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The Happy NPO Team

Yuki Tanaka
Co-Founder, Exec. Assistant
Jessika Lopez
Director of Operations
Natalie Mayer
Local Coordinator
Omar Correa
Store Production
Tania Torres
Store Production
Carmen Concepción
Chef & Social Kitchen Leader

Our Happy Board Members

Carlos Rodriguez
Founder, CEO
Yuki Tanaka
Co-Founder, Exec. Assistant
Kat Wilcox
Board Member
Susan Jenson
Board Member
Abdel Valenzuela
Board Member

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We help practically,
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