What We've Done So Far - Hurricane Fiona Relief

October 6, 2022

We have been going out everyday to deliver food and essential supplies, and to clean houses that got flooded. Too many to count and work is still needed. About 82,000 homes still without power - and this means no running water. 19 days today since Hurricane Fiona. Grateful for all the volunteers we've had so far and the team to be incredible feet of peace on the ground.

The donation received so far has provided....

- 3,000 + Healthy Meals
- Generators
- Mattresses
- Refrigerators
- New Kitchens installed

We heard this story that one part of Puerto Rico regained power back today after 17 days, and people were celebrating with fireworks. Made me tear up hearing how resilient Puerto Ricans are, and for that, there is always a sense of hope in Puerto Rico.

Grateful for all for being here. We will continue as long as there is need.

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