How Don Jaime Survived Hurricane Fiona - Hurricane Relief Update

September 26, 2022

Don Jaime has spent hurricanes on top of his washer as his house flooded. He spent his youth battling rheumatoid arthritis and learning to survive. He spent last week without water, and electricity, and a broken fridge filled with rotten food.

Today things began to change. We cried together. Kissed his head. And we became friends. Then, a lovely team of our volunteers cleaned his home, did a big food shop, and delivered him a new fridge.

It’s the start of our partnership with Don Jaime. Healthy meals, weekly visits, extra goodies from one our staff, and hope.

This is how we overcome.
Pa’ lante 🇵🇷

We are so grateful for your generosity and kindness. We will continue to help people like Don who has been massively affected by Hurricane Fiona.

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