FEMA Disaster Assistance Application Event - Hurricane Fiona Relief

October 21, 2022

A month since Hurricane Fiona. The requests and referrals of people needing help is still overflowing! So heartbreaking, but we keep going. We love our people and have hopes for better, so we keep going and hoping.

22 homes so far have been helped, repaired, and provided essentials like refrigerator, kitchen stove, and bed mattresses. Thankful for your donations and generosity that have enabled us to respond in practical ways. We are still going out daily for relief work while running and expanding our Social Kitchen at our campus. We also have been able to deliver meals to the South of the island where they were hit harder by the hurricane. Many places still with no water and electricity.

We will be hosting an event next week to help elderly people, who have no internet and electricity, filling in FEMA disaster assistance application. Transportation will be arranged by our team and we'll play some games and enjoy activities together. You see - can you imagine your elderly parents not having internet and electricity and living alone? And not knowing how to ask for help in times of need? I can't even deal.

Our vision always has been to install Solar Panels at our campus. So we can be a shelter for our neighbors when disaster hits. That less people live in fear of losing running water when electricity goes out (and you know it, it happens on daily basis on the island even without natural disasters). That we can keep delivering food from our social kitchen to elderly folks who live alone without much resources.
To be self-sustainable to overcome something that's bigger than us is part of our 30 year vision. And Hurricane Fiona really confirmed that we need to pursue this even more. For anyone who has contacts or resources for Solar Panels, please reach out to us.

Thank you for being here!
Join us by giving, visiting, and hoping.


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