Our Work

My friend Roberto was killed in Honduras last year.


Back in 2010 he hosted us, fed us, and welcomed us into his home. But the violence in his village prevailed.

He was a good man.
A family man.
A superb coffee farmer.
And now, he is no more.

Dangerous scenarios like these are very real in Central America.And no matter where you stand politically on the immigration issue,
one thing is for sure: something needs to change.

For us who follow Jesus (and His ways) our calling and privilege is to serve those who are oppressed (while working toward the change). This is how the Happy NPO has gotten involved with this project.

We have visited a few migrant shelters and camps throughout the city of Tijuana so far to provide food, clean water, clothes,
and some medical care for the asylum seekers. Devastating and heartbreaking situation as the regulations become more challenging.

We want to listen to their concerns, plan sustainable partnerships, as well as bringing hope and emotional support.
We want to attend to the present need, but also, become an ally for them as they go through the proper immigration channels.

How Can You Help? 

Every donation helps.

Whether you buy our products at The Happy Givers or make a direct donation towards this project,
we will make sure that it will be well spent for those in need.

Or if you would like to come with us to Tijuana, we would be honoured to have you.


“Last week I traveled to Tijuana, Mexico with the Happy Givers team to provide humanitarian aid to the people living in migrant shelters and camps throughout the city. We were a mixed group from all over the world, with differing political and theological beliefs, united by our love for people and hate for injustice. 

Seeing the living conditions of people at different stages of the asylum seeking process was devastating and infuriating. Nobody should ever be forced to live in conditions like these. But they are, by the thousands, left completely dependent on the help of strangers. In every dad we met, I saw my dad. In all the kids; my nephews and sister. It was a heartbreaking experience. I believe without the shadow of doubt these are the people Jesus would be among were he walking the earth right now, and I was honored to sit with them. 

Our team had the privilege of providing food and winter clothes for four camps in Tijuana, as well as running a dental and medical clinic at each location. It was a beautiful thing to watch. One of the most powerful things for me was the realization that most of these camps were set up and hosted in churches. It brought me so much hope to see the church in Mexico welcome the stranger and the poor and refer to them as “guest” not migrant. 

If you’re interested in going on a trip like this contact the @thehappygivers team at info@happysonship.com.
Their trips are always the perfect combination of practical aid and cultural enjoyment! Nothing will challenge your view on a subject like meeting the people it effects face-to-face.”

– Written by @hamnergrey

**The board of directors reserve the right to allocate funds to the areas of most pressing need