The Happy NPO Children’s Homes


The Happy NPO currently funds children’s homes in both Peru and Ethiopia. Our focus is to support these homes not only financially, but also to create a safe place for kids to learn to rise above any situations they may be facing. They are loved. They are created for something big. And we will support to empower these kids. They are worth it. 

Join us in raising and supporting the future generation. 

Casa de Paz, Lima, Peru

Financial and organizational support to host more than 18 children in the poorest area of Lima, Peru. It breaks our hearts to see how different the standard of life is in certain corners of the earth. This is one of them. But these kids are full of joy and hope. Food, clean water, education and emotional support is provided in an environment of grace and empowerment. Help us serve the kids at Casa de Paz.

Ethiopia Kingdom Vision International

Did you know Ethiopia is no longer accepting international adoption? My darling daughter, Sitota, came from this orphanage. She grew up with these precious kids. They are family to her. And they were all waiting for adoption, but what happens to them now? 

The manager of this orphanage has decided to create a foster care for the remaining kids. His vision is to provide education and care that these kids deserve, and we are here to support them. Join us. Let’s change these kids’ lives by loving on them big.

**The board of directors reserve the right to allocate funds to the areas of most pressing need