We’re almost there! 

Yes, when you give there are multiple perks available FOR YOU. Including, getting tickets to our raffle for a all-expenses-paid trip to Puerto Rico for you and a companion!

And if you don’t win that… then you’re still in the running for a brand new Mac Book Air.

We’re The Happy Givers so we can’t help ourselves (and there’re more details below on the raffle).

But here’s why we need $67,500. In 2020 we purchased a campus for The Happy Non-Profit. An amazing lot of land that is accommodating our trade school, our social kitchen, and our tools for rebuilding houses (plus, the production of our non-profit store). 

Now, your support will allows us to:

–  Fund Our Kitchen Team: We have all the permits! Our Social Kitchen is officially a go. We will be feeding 50 families in need every day. We’re talking about the most vulnerable in our town: elderly people living by themselves, and single mothers who are struggling to find work. Our team of local chefs have prepared a healthy menu to support our wonderful neighbors. Also, we have a Saturday feeding program in partnership with local doctors who care for the wounds of the homeless and those struggling with addiction.

You support will fill our kitchen with healthy food, top of the lines supplies, and will empower us to resource our social kitchen for a full year.

Need: $39,740

– Buy A Pick Up Truck: Oh yes, as we re-launch our rebuilding efforts in communities and barrios that lost so much in Hurricane Maria and the devastating earthquakes of 2020. We need all the tools, materials, and resources for reconstruction. A pick-up truck is a must right now! It will help our local team do the monthly deliveries of wood, sheet metals, kitchen stoves, new beds, and all all the other goods we continually donate.

Need: $9,500

– Launch Our Trade School: As we continue to rebuild homes for single mothers and the elderly, we aim to train local people in the community with trades that will allow them to start new businesses and improve their lives. Our trade school will empower entrepreneurs, provide financial aid, and kick start new ventures in our region.

The trade school space is 95% done. Now, we’re starting to purchase software and hardware for teaching and empowerment.

Need: $18,260

Oh yes, one of you will win a trip to join us! 

Flights paid, accommodation in a gorgeous penthouse near the beach, a trip to the beach and the rainforest… and lots of glorious food. You and your companion will enjoy 5 days in the Caribbean (and we will accommodate the trip when travel restrictions allow, when it is safe for our communities, and when it works for your schedule… sometime in 2021).

Join us in the dream.

Help us reach our goals.

And get a perk while you’re at it.

*The winner of the raffle will be announced on April 20th. 2021